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Shields Up! is based on game I made back in the late 90s.

Unfortunately the original game including the source code got lost. Thus I recently decided to create a remake.

The remake differs from the original in two points:

  • There is no „hard-core“ mode (yet). In this mode the key layout was randomized and displayed when a new game was started.
  • The game was (and still is) randomized, but in the remake you can enter a seed to replay the same level.

How to play:

Press W and S to activate the up and down shield, left and right arrow key to activate left and right shield.

  • Use the shields (yellow = down, blue = up) to avoid damage by spaceships
  • If any spaceship touches lowered shields, you will lose health (red top bar)
  • If a life pots touches lowered shields, you will regenerate health (red top bar)
  • Shields will fail, when the shield energy  is used up (blue top bar)
  • Keep shields down to regenerate shield energy (blue top bar)

Further development:

Currently there are no plans to improve the game, but nothing is set in stone … :)

New in Version 1.1:

  • Added difficulty settings
  • Fixed a bug which caused powerups to spawn quicker instead of slower


ShieldsUp! v1.1 Windows 22 MB
ShieldsUp! v1.1 Linux 24 MB
ShieldsUp! v1 Windows 16 MB
ShieldsUp! v1 Linux 21 MB

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