SplitTrain is now in beta

I finally found some time to create a major update for the game.

The one thing bugging me most was the lack of levels. Although I did not add new levels, I spent a lot of time to implement an in-game level editor, so that players can create their own levels. 

This was possible before, but a) limited to editing the 3 existing levels and b) levels were stored in a very confusing custom format.

The editor still has some quirks, but it is way better then editing text files! :D

I also spent some time polishing the game, here is a (more or less) complete list of the changes since alpha 28:

  • Added in-game level editor and level browser
  • Added a welcome message and some web links
  • Added a game icon and a config screen image
  • Added new scenery objects
  • Added more information about points and multipliers
  • Improved existing track events and scenery objects
  • Changed custom level format to more readable json
  • Removed the limit of 100 track events and 100 scenery objects
  • Removed the necessity of having a track event after the final station
  • Did a lot of code refactoring and code cleanup :)

Please note that highscores from the alpha version will not get carried over to the beta version.

There is still a lot on the to-do list, and I hope I can spend some time in the future to add new features!

In the meantime, have fun with the new version. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback.


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