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SplitTrain is a challenging reaction mini-game inspired by "Densha de Go!".

Drive a train, try to be on time and simultaneously remove obstacles from the track.

Current state:

SplitTrain is a "for fun" spare time project. Currently it is somewhere between a prototype and an alpha version. It still misses some planned features and does neither have a pretty interface nor proper level design.

The 3D assets were bought from the Unity Asset store and might be replaced at some later point.


I will be happy to receive any feedback. Also, if you like to design a new level (see "Edit levels" below) and think it could be included in the game, make sure to send it to me! :)

How to play:

A basic tutorial is included, but reading this section  is advised.

Score points:

  • Drive the train within the speed limit
  • To increase the score multiplier
    • Pass checkpoints at the right time
    • Complete track events
  • Stop the train at the terminal station to avoid a penalty


Press Tabulator to switch between top camera (train) and bottom camera (action)

When the train camera is active:

  • Use left and right arrow key to increase / decrease power and breaking
  • Use up and down arrow key for neutral, full power or full breaks

When the action camera is active:

  • Use left and right arrow key to move the camera
  • Hold up or down arrow key to complete the track events

Press ESC to open the menu


  • The tutorial messages can be toggled in the options menu

Edit levels:

The levels are simple text files located in the SplitTrain_Data\Resources\Levels folder.


SplitTrain_v28_win.zip 13 MB

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