New 3D assets, physics and visual effects

There is one thing about the game which I avoided touching again since I made the first prototype: Graphics.

I´m not an artist, so I bought an asset pack at the Unity Asset Store. It looked fine but is also very limited. Not only in terms of content, it also lacks animations.

So, it was clear, that at one point I had to change to another asset pack. I found the „Simple“ series from Synty Studios, which not only features trains, but also tons of people, animals, props, cars, town buildings and assets for an airport, harbour and much more. In other words, the pack is huge. And many objects are animated too!

On the flip side the models are less complex and flat shaded. After I replaced the current assets, as a result, everything is a bit bland. Adding more assets to the level should make them look much better. This will be the next bigger step.

On top of the asset change I tried two add other things: Physics and effects.

The cow and tree obstacle use physics, and as a result, the train does not just clip through them anymore.

I also added some basic visual effects: The diesel engine now  emits smoke and railroad crossings are equipped with a bell and flashing lights. It is now also possible, to add catenary to any level. This should be another step towards making the game look and feel better.

I hope you enjoy the updates!



SplitTrain beta 1.04 Windows 22 MB
Apr 14, 2019
SplitTrain beta 1.04 Linux 22 MB
Apr 14, 2019

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